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Business Purchased With A Managerial Role

Your business is acquired and we provide you, the former owner, a consultative or managerial role over a fixed term contract. This allows continuity within a business transfer, guarantees you an income stream, but frees you from the day to day hassles and responsibilities of the trading entity and allows you to get back to do what you first loved about the business when you started it.

Straight Forward Business Acquisitions

Your business is acquired and added to a portfolio of similar business types, managed and run within our Group. We will apply economies of scale where we group businesses of a similar type together to optimise cost and overhead savings as well as concentrate buying power with suppliers.

We are a private equity group specialising in acquiring owner-managed private businesses whose revenues are typically between £1m and £15m

Our business activities centre on Management Consultancy where we partner with industry experts to help businesses reduce costs and improve efficiency

As a group, we are committed to generating growth through acquisition and consolidation of companies engaged in Facilities Management, Energy Management, Equipment Hire, Metal Processing & Finishing and all aspects of Waste Management.

We are not “corporate executives” just crunching spreadsheets. We operate in and understand the world of the owner managed business. We are plain speaking but with sophisticated knowledge, understanding and experience of acquiring other owner managed businesses.

Our business is run by experienced business owners and entrepreneurs who understand in depth what it takes to own and operate successful businesses and how hard it can be.

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